Colin Silcock-Delaney

  Member No:

  Port Campbell, VIC




100th Marathon:


105-11-1978Big M Melbourne Marathon3:04:38
221-10-1979Big M Melbourne Marathon3:37:29
323-08-1980Victorian Veterans Championship3:14:30
412-10-1980Big M Melbourne Marathon3:08:24
514-01-1981World Veterans Championship3:00:45
625-07-1981Australian Veterans Championship3:01:42
729-08-1981Victorian Veterans Championship2:57:07
818-10-1981Big M Melbourne Marathon3:01:26
924-04-1982Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:11:24
1017-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon2:51:30
1121-11-1982Red Devil South Melbourne Marathon2:57:40
1227-03-1983Herald S10 Victorian Marathon Championship2:59:34
1324-04-1983Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:10:55
1412-06-1983Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:09:15
1510-07-1983Victorian Veterans Championship3:14:23
1628-08-1983Victorian Country Championship3:20:08
1730-09-1983World Veterans Games3:11:24
1823-10-1983New York City Marathon
1929-04-1984Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:06:16
2010-06-1984Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:09:16
2115-07-1984Mita Copiers State Championship Marathon3:06:04
2225-11-1984Red Devil South Melbourne Marathon3:12:25
2314-04-1985Nike 10th Annual Canberra Marathon3:57:38
2426-05-1985Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:15:35
2509-06-1985Wang Australian Marathon3:07:59
2613-10-1985Big M Melbourne Marathon3:11:02
2717-11-1985Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:16:52
2812-10-1986Budget Melbourne Marathon3:28:23
2926-04-1987Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:58:18
3024-05-1987Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:52:28
3107-06-1987Traralgon Marathon3:41:44
3211-10-1987Budget Melbourne Marathon3:56:29
3306-12-1987World Veterans Championship3:20:29
3410-04-1988Nike Canberra Marathon3:18:41
3524-04-1988Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:40:30
3629-05-1988VMC Runners World Marathon4:02:30
3712-06-19883UL Traralgon Marathon4:02:21
3814-08-1988Toyota Festival City Marathon3:54:49
3909-10-1988Budget Bicentennial Melbourne Marathon3:41:33
4009-04-1989Nike Canberra Marathon3:26:40
4106-08-1989World Veterans Games3:48:37
4208-10-1989Budget Melbourne Marathon (Inc. Victorian Championship)3:29:58
4316-04-1990Boston Marathon3:40:17
4414-10-1990Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:50:12
4501-12-1990Chase Carnival Marathon4:03:24
4602-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:51:50
4728-07-1991World Veterans Games3:42:21
4822-09-1991Traralgon Marathon4:13:03
4906-10-1991Warrnambool Marathon (Inc. Victorian Veterans Championship)3:59:15
5027-10-1991Sunicrust Chase Carnival Marathon4:38:58
5124-11-1991South Melbourne Marathon4:21:46
5231-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:55:54
5318-04-1993Mobil Canberra Marathon4:06:17
5406-06-1993Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:46:23
5518-07-1993JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:50:40
5617-10-1993World Veterans Games4:03:21
5710-04-1994Mobil Canberra Marathon4:14:33
5805-06-1994Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:56:10
5904-06-1995Vic Health Melbourne Marathon4:04:22
6023-07-1995World Veterans Games4:12:38
6103-12-1995Ballarat Marathon4:21:11
6220-10-1996Vic Health Melbourne Marathon5:00:56
6305-10-1997Active For Life Melbourne Marathon4:25:07
6431-05-1998Sri Chinmoy Marathon5:01:48
6510-10-1998City Of Melbourne Marathon4:43:39
6608-08-1999World Veterans Games4:29:14
6710-10-1999Active For Life Melbourne Marathon4:54:13
6807-11-1999Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon5:29:08
6930-04-2000Host City Marathon4:50:24
7008-10-2000Asics Melbourne Marathon4:52:25
7114-07-2001World Association Of Veterans Athletes Marathon5:03:27
7204-11-2001Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon5:47:40
7313-10-2002Asics Melbourne Marathon5:01:21
7415-06-2003Traralgon Marathon4:57:26
7506-07-2003Gold Coast Airport Marathon5:05:06
7612-10-2003Asics Melbourne Marathon4:49:15
7702-11-2003Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon5:13:24
7811-01-2004Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon5:26:45
7913-06-2004Traralgon Marathon4:59:10
8010-10-2004Asics Melbourne Marathon4:58:47


123-06-1984VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)7:50:16
209-09-1984Coburg Railway Centenary 100km Run (100 km)11:22:10
329-06-1985VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)8:27:10

Half Marathons

112-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship Half Marathon2:02:57
221-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship Half Marathon2:26:40
303-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship Half Marathon3:01:40

Other Events

127-07-1979World Veterans Games 10000m (10 km)36:13.3
229-07-1979World Veterans Games 10k CC (10 km)39:04.2
330-07-1979World Veterans Games 5000m (5 km)18:02.7
431-07-1979World Veterans Games 1500m Heat 2 (1500m)5:00.7
504-04-1980Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)37:58
606-04-1980Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)18:04.8
707-04-1980Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)38:37
808-01-1981World Veterans Games 10000m (10 km)36:38.45
912-01-1981World Veterans Games 5000m (5 km)18:37.60
1013-01-1981World Veterans Games 1500m Heat 3 (1500m)5:16.39
1101-04-1983Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:26
1201-04-1983Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:05
1301-04-1983Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)18:34
1401-04-1983Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)38:19
1501-04-1983Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)38:53
1630-09-1983World Veterans Games 200m Heats (200m)29.50
1730-09-1983World Veterans Games 10k CC (10 km)42:31.40
1830-09-1983World Veterans Games 1500m (1500m)5:35.70
1930-09-1983World Veterans Games 5000m (5 km)18:40.59
2030-09-1983World Veterans Games 10000m (10 km)38:36.20
2130-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)41:05
2230-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 1500m Steeplechase (1500m)5:37.9
2330-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 400m Heat 1 (400m)1:06.9
2430-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:32
2530-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:05.4
2630-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)19:02
2730-03-1984Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)39:50
2805-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 100m (100m)14.8
2905-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 200m (200m)30.4
3005-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 400m (400m)1:00.1
3105-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:36.0
3205-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:09.6
3305-04-1985Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)40:53
3404-04-1986Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:44.30
3504-04-1986Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:23.20
3604-04-1986Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)19:29.0
3704-04-1986Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)41:40.9
3804-04-1986Australian Masters Championship 1500m Steeplechase (1500m)5:42.0
3903-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)41:45.5
4003-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 5000m Walk (5 km)35:28.60
4103-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)42:32
4203-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:45.48
4303-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:25.73
4403-04-1987Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)19:52.74
4529-11-1987World Veterans Games 3000m Steeplechase (3 km)12:50.91
4629-11-1987World Veterans Games 1500m Heats (1500m)5:32.00
4729-11-1987World Veterans Games 5000m (5 km)19:52.93
4829-11-1987World Veterans Games 10k CC (10 km)42:07
4901-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)3:00.97
5001-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)20:42.70
5101-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)43:04.41
5201-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 3000m Steeplechase (3 km)13:54.70
5301-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 5000m Race Walk (5 km)32:00.50
5401-04-1988Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)46:51
5524-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 10000m (10 km)44:17.9
5624-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 5000m Race Walk (5 km)29:35.2
5724-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 10k CC (10 km)42:12
5824-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 800m (800m)2:55.5
5924-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)5:33.4
6024-03-1989Australian Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)20:19.9
6127-07-1989World Veterans Athletic Championship 5000m (5 km)20:07.31
6227-07-1989World Veterans Athletic Championship 10000m (10 km)41:15.31
6327-07-1989World Veterans Athletic Championship 10k Road (10 km)41:17.10
6427-07-1989World Veterans Athletic Championship 10k CC (10 km)44:05
6527-07-1989World Veterans Athletic Championship 5000m Race Walk (5 km)32:01
6612-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)28:34.78
6712-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship Cross Country (8 km)50:14
6812-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship Steeplechase (2 km)11:25.93
6912-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship 5000m Race Walk (5 km)33:57.37
7012-01-200211th Oceania Masters Championship 10000m Race Walk (10 km)1:05:13
7121-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 100m (100m)22.96
7221-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)31:14.19
7321-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 800m (800m)4:19.81
7421-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship Steeplechase (2 km)12:55.31
7521-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship Cross Country (8 km)56:29
7621-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 200m (200m)40.95
7721-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 5000m Race Walk (5 km)37:45.42
7821-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)9:05.30
7921-10-200412th Oceania Masters Championship 400m (400m)2:12.09
8028-07-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 5000m (5 km)32:49.83
8129-07-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 10000m Race Walk (10 km)1:14.05
8229-07-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 800m (800m)4:51.91
8301-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 200m (200m)47.66
8401-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship Steeplechase (2 km)14:09.81
8502-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 3000m Race Walk (3 km)22:04.45
8602-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 400m (400m)2:08.09
8703-08-200814th Oceania Masters Championship 1500m (1500m)10:03.44

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results; and
5. There is a minimum of 3 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;