David Billett

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  Adelaide, SA





109-08-1998Festival City Marathon3:37:41
210-10-1998City Of Melbourne Marathon3:24:04
322-08-1999Adelaide Marathon3:29:26
402-07-2000Pichi Richi Marathon4:21:09
526-08-2001Smartplay Adelaide Marathon5:36:54
607-07-2002Pichi Richi Marathon4:05:48
725-08-2002Smartplay Adelaide Marathon4:06:21
806-07-2003Seagrims Pichi Richi Marathon3:59:28
924-08-2003Smartplay Adelaide Marathon Festival Marathon3:45:20
1004-07-2004Pichi Richi Marathon3:37:31
1128-08-2005Adelaide Marathon Festival Marathon3:45:27
1202-07-2006Seagrims Pichi Richi Marathon3:42:34
1326-08-2007Asics Adelaide Marathon3:49:31
1429-06-2008Pichi Richi Marathon3:55:21
1530-08-2009Asics Adelaide Marathon5:36:28
1627-06-2010Pichi Richi Marathon4:16:21
1715-08-2010Adelaide Marathon Festival Marathon4:00:23
1826-06-2011Pichi Richi Marathon3:55:14
1927-05-2012Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon3:42:18
2019-08-2012Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon3:40:37
2126-05-2013Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon3:56:38
2225-08-2013Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon3:58:44
2325-05-2014Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon3:48:42
2424-05-2015Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon3:53:20
2528-06-2015Pichi Richi Marathon4:06:35
2629-05-2016Jacobs Creek Barossa Marathon Festival3:51:53
2714-08-2016Mizuno Adelaide Marathon3:50:27
2828-05-2017Jacobs Creek Barossa Marathon Festival4:10:15
2917-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 15:00:32
3018-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 24:44:58
3119-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 34:36:30
3220-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 44:17:25
3321-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 54:58:15
3422-07-2017Coastal 42 Day 14:30:55
3523-07-2017Coastal 42 Day 24:37:16


123-10-1999Sri Chinmoy 6 Hr Track Race (6 Hrs)56.624 km
219-10-2002Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)144.501 km
323-02-2003Sri Chinmoy Australian 100km Championship (100 km)14:02:44
403-10-2003Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)163.779 km
516-11-2003Australian 6 Day Race (6 Days)485.838 km
629-02-2004Sri Chinmoy Ultra Triathlon Festival (100 km)12:16:43
717-04-2004Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Carnival (24 Hrs)163.400 km
820-08-2004Gold Coast 48 Hour Track Race (48 Hrs)263.670 km
916-10-2004Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)166.938 km
1021-11-2004Australian 6 Day Race (6 Days)569.890 km
1116-04-2005Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Walk (24 Hrs)161.887 km
1215-10-2005Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)172.747 km
1320-11-2005Australian 6 Day Race (6 Days)602.400 km
1422-04-2006Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Walk (24 Hrs)152.992 km
1511-08-2006Gold Coast 48 Hour Track Race (48 Hrs)227.515 km
1630-09-2006Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)164.417 km
1721-04-2007Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Carnival (24 Hrs)165.358 km
1829-09-2007Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)182.658 km
1925-11-2007Yurrebilla Trail (56 km)9:00:00
2029-08-2008Caboolture 48 Hour Track Race (48 Hrs)270.098 km
2104-10-200825th Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)162.246 km
2212-12-2008Coast to Kosciuszko (Inclement Weather Course) (221.6 km)42:41:10
2316-07-2011Yumigo 24 Hr Race (24 Hrs)163.949 km
2402-10-2011Yurrebilla Trail Race (56 km)6:44:38
2509-12-2011Coast to Kosciuszko (240 km)43:39:00
2614-07-2012Adelaide 6-12-24 Hrs (24 Hrs)170.731 km
2713-07-2013Adelaide 24 Hour Festival (24 Hrs)182.603 km
2814-09-2013Australian Centurions 24 Hour Walk (24 Hrs)166.272 km
2922-09-20137th Yurrebilla Trail Race (56km)7:23:03
3006-12-2013Coast to Kosciuszko (Inclement Weather Course) (221.6 km)36:06:19
3112-07-2014Yumigo 24 Hr Race (24 Hrs)173.062 km
3229-09-2014Adelaide 6 Day Ultra (6 Days)632.281 km
3311-07-2015Yumigo 24 Hr Race (24 Hrs)163.663 km
3408-10-2015Yurrebilla Trail (56 km)8:04:21
3511-12-2015Coast to Kosciuszko (240 km)45:15:17
3609-07-2016Yumigo 24 Hr Race (24 Hrs)182.486 km
3725-09-2016SARRC Yurrebilla Trail (56 km)7:50:55
3809-12-2016Coast to Kosciuszko (240 km)34:48:36
3928-01-20172nd SA 100km Track Championship (100 km)10:50:40
4017-03-2017Kilted to Kick Cancer CBR48 48 Hours (48 Hrs)323.643 km
4108-07-2017Yumigo 24 Hr Race (24 Hrs)190.901 km

Half Marathons

110-08-1997Festival City Half Marathon1:50:41
203-05-1998SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:36:14
331-05-1998SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:31:45
402-05-1999SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:36:55
530-05-1999SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:35:57
607-05-2000SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:38:37
728-05-2000SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:38:42
806-05-2001SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:43:43
927-05-2001SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:42:27
1005-05-2002SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:44:52
1126-05-2002SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:42:55
1211-05-2003SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:44:13
1301-06-2003SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:42:39
1402-05-2004SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:34:23
1530-05-2004SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:34:20
1601-05-2005SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:32:51
1729-05-2005SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:30:16
1807-05-2006SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon2:15:07
1928-05-2006SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:37:15
2006-05-2007SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:46:46
2127-05-2007SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:43:45
2204-05-2008SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:55:29
2325-05-2008SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:42:03
2403-05-2009SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon2:29:06
2524-05-2009SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:59:46
2618-04-2010SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon2:31:05
2716-05-2010SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:50:29
2825-12-2010SARRC Fanatics Half Marathon1:48:41
2909-05-2011SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:45:22
3029-05-2011SARRC Barossa Half Marathon1:35:24
3125-12-2011SARRC Fanatics Half Marathon1:41:13
3229-04-2012SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:38:10
3325-12-2012SARRC Fanatics Half Marathon2:12:43
3405-05-2013SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:43:02
3504-05-2014SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:44:42
3625-12-2014SARRC Fanatics Half Marathon1:51:57
3703-05-2015SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon1:47:03
3801-05-2016SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon2:07:33
3925-12-2016SARRC Fanatics Half Marathon1:45:00
4030-04-2017SARRC Greenbelt Half Marathon2:32:22

Other Events

121-09-1999City-Bay Fun Run (12 km)50:54
218-09-2005City-Bay Fun Run (12 km)50:51
315-04-2012Cleland Trails (24 km)2:23:10

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results; and
5. There is a minimum of 3 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;