Roger Weinstein

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100th Marathon:


105-11-1978Big M Melbourne Marathon3:36:04
217-06-1979Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:26:06
311-08-1979Traralgon Marathon (Inc Victorian Country Championship)3:11:49
421-10-1979Big M Melbourne Marathon3:55:47
526-04-1980Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:24:14
615-06-1980Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:16:33
712-10-1980Big M Melbourne Marathon3:06:54
825-04-1981Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:06:28
907-06-1981Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:15:15
1019-07-1981Central Highlands Marathon2:59:21
1118-10-1981Big M Melbourne Marathon3:15:20
1224-04-1982Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:28:44
1323-05-1982Victorian Marathon Championship / VMC3:11:42
1413-06-1982Traralgon Marathon3:06:17
1517-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon2:54:11
1627-03-1983Herald S10 Victorian Marathon Championship2:57:22
1724-04-1983Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:06:54
1822-05-1983Victorian Marathon Club Marathon2:57:02
1912-06-1983Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:06:59
2009-10-1983Big M Melbourne Marathon3:11:20
2129-04-1984Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:42:12
2214-10-1984Big M Melbourne Marathon3:25:12
2314-04-1985Nike 10th Annual Canberra Marathon3:03:10
2426-05-1985Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:17:59
2509-06-1985Nubrik Traralgon Marathon2:59:40
2613-10-1985Big M Melbourne Marathon3:30:32
2717-11-1985Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:17:51
2813-04-1986Nike Canberra Marathon3:07:15
2925-05-1986Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:27:03
3008-06-1986Guyatts Discount City Traralgon Marathon3:15:47
3112-10-1986Budget Melbourne Marathon3:08:34
3212-04-1987Nike Canberra Marathon2:59:51
3326-04-1987Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:23:38
3424-05-1987Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:32:07
3507-06-1987Traralgon Marathon3:48:46
3611-10-1987Budget Melbourne Marathon3:04:58
3724-04-1988Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:33:46
3829-05-1988VMC Runners World Marathon3:34:34
3912-06-19883UL Traralgon Marathon3:53:36
4009-10-1988Budget Bicentennial Melbourne Marathon3:07:42
4128-05-1989VMC Runners World Marathon3:11:38
4211-06-1989Traralgon Marathon3:21:17
4308-10-1989Budget Melbourne Marathon (Inc. Victorian Championship)3:01:41
4427-05-1990VMC Runners World Marathon3:51:14
4517-06-1990Southern Cross Traralgon Marathon3:49:51
4614-10-1990Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:22:07
4714-04-1991Mobil Canberra Marathon3:30:59
4802-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:09:19
4922-09-1991Traralgon Marathon3:09:45
5027-10-1991Sunicrust Chase Carnival Marathon3:12:32
5117-11-1991Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:55:02
5212-04-1992Mobil Canberra Marathon3:24:14
5303-05-1992Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:29:14
5431-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:30:47
5521-06-1992Traralgon Marathon3:54:10
5604-10-1992Victorian Peoples Marathon3:16:20
5706-12-1992Sunicrust Chase Carnival Marathon3:13:21
5818-04-1993Mobil Canberra Marathon3:08:48
5906-06-1993Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:08:19
6027-06-1993Traralgon Marathon3:45:23
6103-10-1993Victorian People's Marathon3:51:56
6205-12-1993Chase Carnival Marathon3:23:45
6310-04-1994Mobil Canberra Marathon3:37:16
6405-06-1994Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:27:54
6528-06-1994Traralgon Marathon3:36:39
6604-12-1994Chase Carnival Marathon3:58:09
6709-04-1995Mobil Canberra Marathon3:16:21
6804-06-1995Vic Health Melbourne Marathon
6925-06-1995Traralgon Marathon3:48:48
7003-12-1995Ballarat Marathon3:49:05
7114-04-1996Mobil Canberra Marathon3:56:23
7220-10-1996Vic Health Melbourne Marathon4:45:49
7305-10-1997Active For Life Melbourne Marathon4:46:07
7410-10-1998City Of Melbourne Marathon4:23:06
7510-10-1999Active For Life Melbourne Marathon3:39:07
7630-04-2000Host City Marathon3:43:10
7708-10-2000Asics Melbourne Marathon3:48:52
7814-10-2001Asics Melbourne Marathon4:03:14
7913-10-2002Asics Melbourne Marathon3:59:59
8012-10-2003Asics Melbourne Marathon4:24:14
8110-10-2004Asics Melbourne Marathon4:51:48
8209-10-2005Asics Melbourne Marathon4:36:37
8308-10-2006Samsung Melbourne Marathon4:43:46
8407-10-2007Samsung Melbourne Marathon4:26:25
8512-10-2008Samsung Melbourne Marathon4:48:50
8611-10-2009St George Melbourne Marathon4:51:35
8710-10-2010St George Melbourne Marathon5:07:47
8807-11-2010ING New York City Marathon5:49:36
8909-10-2011Bank Of Melbourne Marathon4:54:02
9014-10-2012Medibank Melbourne Marathon5:08:15
9113-10-2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon5:51:06
9212-10-2014Medibank Melbourne Marathon6:17:39
9318-10-2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon6:48:20
9416-10-2016Medibank Melbourne Marathon6:40:14


126-06-1983VMC Road Runners 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)7:22:30
211-12-1988C.H.A.S.E. Carnival 50 Mile Ultra Marathon (50 Miles)8:29:56
310-03-1990Victorian 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)170.955 km
427-01-1991Mansfield to Mt Buller (50km)5:03:36
523-02-1991Victorian 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)180.920 km
615-06-1991Australian 50 Mile Track Championship (50 Miles)7:09:31
726-01-1992Mansfield to Mt Buller (50 km)5:00:53
822-02-1992Victorian 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)137.152 km
931-01-1993Mansfield to Mt Buller (50km)7:32:00
1029-01-1994Mansfield to Mt Buller (50 km)5:51:57
1128-01-1996Mansfield to Mt Buller (50 km)6:57:26

Half Marathons

109-05-1993VMC David Ward Half Marathon1:31:02

Other Events

113-04-1979VMC Handicap (16 km)1:11:08
229-04-1979VMC Handicap (15 km)1:01:31
303-06-1979VMC Handicap (20 km)1:22:58
407-11-1979VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:04:42
529-06-1980VMC Handicap (20 km)1:18:40
612-07-1980VMC Handicap (25 km)1:40:50
728-06-1981VMC Handicap (20 km)1:19:52
819-09-1981VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:06:47
918-11-1981VMC Two Bridges (12 km)15:36
1001-02-1982VMC Road Runners Two Bridges (2 km)7:12
1109-05-1982VMC Handicap (15 km)58:48
1218-09-1982VMC & Peninsula Road Runners King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:07:03
1303-11-1982VMC Road Runners Two Bridges (16 km)1:07:25
1417-11-1982VMC Road Runners Two Bridges (4 km)14:41
1501-12-1982VMC Road Runners Two Bridges (2 km)7:12
1616-01-1983VMC Princes Park (13 km)50:50
1715-01-1984VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)54:25
1802-09-1984VMC Puma Beach Road Bash (32 km)2:35:15
1915-09-1984VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:30:16
2014-09-1985VMC King & Queen Of The Mountains (30 km)2:11:02
2119-01-1986VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)50:00
2202-02-1986Cubitt Classic (10 Miles)1:01:34
2316-02-1986VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:15:52
2420-04-1986VMCRR Championship (25 km)2:19:30
2527-07-1986VMC Road Runners (15 km)58:20
2618-01-1987VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)51:23
2730-08-1987VMC Puma Coast Road Challenge (32.2 km)2:17:51
2819-09-1987VMC King Of The Mountain (30 km)2:46:44
2917-01-1988VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)53:26
3007-02-1988VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:24:06
3128-08-1988VMC Coast Road Challenge (32.2 km)2:53:08
3205-02-1989VMC Fun Run (19 km)1:20:08
3314-05-1989VMC Marathon Tune-Up (10 km)39:07
3419-09-1989VMC King & Queen Of The Mount (30 km)2:14:33
3504-02-1990VMC Fun Run (19 km)1:28:41
3625-08-1990VMC Runners World Beach Road Challenge (25 km)3:00:07
3724-01-1993VMC Tune-Up Run (16.1 km)1:13:35
3821-03-1993VMC Albert Park Run (25 km)1:53:06
3919-12-1993VMC Emil Zatopec Fun Run (10 km)46:15

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results; and
5. There is a minimum of 3 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;