Mark Goodwin

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  Turramurra, NSW





119-04-1998New Balance Canberra Marathon3:33:36
206-09-1998Sunday Telegraph Sydney Marathon3:31:10
311-04-1999New Balance Canberra Marathon3:25:09
404-05-2008Vancouver International Marathon3:48:35
512-10-2008Royal Victoria Marathon3:40:47
607-12-2008Las Vegas Marathon3:31:04
719-04-2009Asics Canberra Marathon3:27:04
826-07-2009Westlink M7 Cities Marathon3:18:00
911-10-2009St George Melbourne Marathon3:29:31
1002-05-2010National Capital Marathon3:38:45
1119-09-2010Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:30:51
1210-04-2011Canberra Times Marathon3:28:29
1317-07-2011Lawler Partners Chartered Accountants Winery Marathon3:39:21
1431-07-2011Westlink M7 Cities Marathon3:26:48
1518-09-2011Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:44:41
1609-10-2011Bank Of Melbourne Marathon3:28:47
1716-09-2012Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:35:43
1829-09-2012Lap The Lake Marathon3:38:27
1914-10-2012Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:31:16
2021-07-2013Coal & Allied Winery Marathon3:37:13
2128-07-2013Westlink M7 Cities Marathon3:40:15
2213-10-2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:56:27
2313-04-2014Canberra Times Marathon3:51:51
2420-07-2014Hunter Valley Winery Marathon3:48:15
2527-07-2014Westlink M7 Cities Marathon3:33:57
2624-08-2014Nortons Business Advisors Mudgee Marathon3:42:33
2721-09-2014Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:24:35
2804-10-2014Western Sydney Marathon3:27:42
2912-10-2014Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:25:42
3011-01-2015Cadbury Marathon3:26:57
3101-03-2015JP Hotel Brokers Marathon3:36:21
3203-05-2015Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:41:39
3314-06-2015Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon4:57:56
3412-07-2015Sri Chinmoy Dolls Point Marathon3:29:06
3526-07-2015Westlink M7 Blacktown Marathon3:30:38
3602-08-2015Intraining Brisbane Marathon3:33:02
3723-08-2015Adelaide Running Festival Marathon3:26:38
3820-09-2015Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:33:11
3903-10-2015Western Sydney Marathon3:36:55
4018-10-2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:30:11
4108-11-2015Carcoar Cup Marathon3:58:59
4210-01-2016Cadbury Marathon3:27:46
4328-02-2016JP Hotel Brokers Marathon3:45:37
4410-04-2016Canberra Times Marathon3:38:52
4501-05-2016Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:44:36
4612-06-2016Perth Marathon3:19:24
4719-06-2016Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon5:14:15
4810-07-2016Sri Chinmoy Dolls Point Marathon3:19:32
4924-07-2016Winery Running Festival Marathon3:20:24
5030-07-2016Australian Outback Marathon3:28:40
5107-08-2016Intraining Brisbane Marathon3:14:25
5221-08-2016Glenbrook Marathon3:51:52
5318-09-2016Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:05:45
5401-10-2016Western Sydney Marathon3:09:55
5516-10-2016Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:15:28
5606-11-2016Carcoar Cup Marathon3:20:45
5713-11-2016Resolution Run3:17:49
5811-12-2016Canberra Summer Marathon3:13:22
5915-01-2017Cadbury Marathon Festival3:14:23
6026-02-2017J.P. Hotel Brokers Marathon3:16:25
6117-04-2017Boston Marathon3:31:12
6207-05-2017Sri Chinmoy Royal National Park Marathon3:19:08
6318-06-2017Perth Marathon3:19:20
6401-07-2017Bravehearts 777 Day 63:21:xx
6530-07-2017Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival Marathon3:15:17


125-04-2015ANZAC Day Challenge (100 km)13:44:59
212-03-2016Six Foot Track Marathon (45 km)5:48:52
311-03-2017Six Foot Track Marathon (45 km)4:33:03

Half Marathons

126-05-1996SMH Half Marathon1:35:20
214-07-1996Randwick Rugby Runners Half Marathon1:37:20
325-05-1997SMH Half Marathon1:36:34
425-05-1998SMH Half Marathon1:29:20
523-05-1999SMH Half Marathon1:29:02
627-05-2001SMH Half Marathon1:37:54
723-05-2004SMH Half Marathon1:36:23
812-09-2004Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon1:36:32
922-05-2005SMH Half Marathon1:37:22
1022-06-2008Scotiabank Half Marathon1:40:12
1121-09-2008Ekiden Half Marathon1:38:23
1216-11-2008Fall Classic Half Marathon1:35:49
1317-05-2009SMH Half Marathon1:29:05
1430-08-2009Lake Macquarie Half Marathon1:33:45
1524-10-2010Sydney Marathon Clinic1:31:12
1617-04-2011Sydney Marathon Clinic1:35:35
1715-05-2011SMH Half Marathon1:30:49
1819-12-2011Sydney Marathon Clinic1:34:26
1901-04-2012Hill to Harbour Half Marathon1:40:02
2020-05-2012SMH Half Marathon1:35:55
2121-10-2012Sydney Marathon Clinic Half Marathon1:33:33
2207-04-2013Hill to Harbour Half Marathon1:51:37
2314-04-2013Australian Running Festival Half Marathon1:45:09
2421-04-2013Sydney Marathon Clinic1:39:59
2519-05-2013SMH Half Marathon1:37:22
2623-06-2013Sydney Marathon Clinic1:36:09
2708-09-2013NSW Half Marathon Championship1:39:22
2822-09-2013Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon1:43:22
2905-10-2013TomTom Runner Western Sydney Half Marathon1:36:17
3020-10-2013Sydney Marathon Clinic1:41:30
3127-10-2013Rebel Run Sydney Half Marathon1:40:30
3219-01-2014Sydney Marathon Clinic1:44:13
3306-04-2014Hill to Harbour Half Marathon1:48:44
3421-04-2014Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series Race 31:46:45
3518-05-2014SMH Half Marathon1:36:49
3614-06-2014Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon2:09:24
3731-08-2014Southern Highlands Challenge Trail Run Half Marathon1:52:50
3807-09-2014SIDS Stampede1:39:12
3926-10-2014Sydney Marathon Clinic1:36:46
4002-11-2014Rebel Run Sydney Half Marathon1:36:35
4130-11-2014Central Coast Half Marathon1:34:42
4214-12-2014Sydney Marathon Clinic Half Marathon1:35:22
4329-03-2015Galston Gut Buster Half Marathon2:09:40
4419-04-2015New Run Half Marathon1:40:56
4517-05-2015SMH Half Marathon1:35:10
4606-09-2015SIDS Stampede1:37:39
4729-11-2015Central Coast Half Marathon1:38:26
4820-03-2016Sydney Marathon Clinic Half Marathon1:41:33
4903-04-2016New Run Half Marathon1:40:24
5015-05-2016SMH Half Marathon1:38:16
5117-07-2016Festival Of The Feet Half Marathon1:32:06
5208-10-2016Hounslow Classic Skyrun2:50:08
5321-05-2017SMH Half Marathon1:32:54

Other Events

107-05-1995Auburn Hospital Fun Run (10 km)44:10
228-05-1995APEX Bridge to Balmoral Fun Run (8.5 km)37:54
330-07-1995Mini-Mos Community Fun Run (10 km)46:42
406-08-1995Hornsby Heights Fun Run (10 km)43:56
513-08-1995City 2 Surf (14 km)1:08:55
620-08-1995Pecky's Prospect 10 Fun Run (10 km)44:41
727-08-1995Sydney International Fun Run (10 km)43:05
803-09-1995Willoughby City Fun Run (8 km)34:46
910-09-1995Woodstock Fun Run (7.75 km)31:35
1001-10-1995Prospect Credit Union City to Turf (8 km)32:18
1122-10-1995Ku Ring Gai Chase (8 km)33:24
1229-10-1995St Mary's Inaugural Fun Run (10 km)38:42
1312-05-1996Western Districts Joggers Mothers Day (10 km)41:57
1402-06-1996Blue Mountains Athletic Club Norton Cup (16 km)1:10:54
1509-06-1996Woodstock Fun Run (7.75 km)32:24
1616-06-1996Bay to Breakers Fun Run (11 km)46:07
1723-06-1996Pub to Pub Fun Run (14 km)1:01:23
1821-07-1996Woodford to Glenbrook (25 km)1:58:16
1911-08-1996City 2 Surf (14 km)1:08:02
2018-08-1996Sydney International Fun Run (10 km)42:37
2125-08-1996Pecky's Prospect 10 Fun Run (10 km)45:45
2206-07-1997Woodford to Glenbrook (25 km)2:03:24
2310-08-1997City 2 Surf (14 km)1:03:40
2424-08-1997Pub to Pub Fun Run (14 km)1:01:28
2512-10-1997Greater West Games City to Turf Fun Run (8 km)34:29
2622-02-1998Macquarie MS Fun Run (10 km)43:33
2728-06-1998Bay to Breakers Fun Run (11 km)43:03
2809-08-1998City 2 Surf (14 km)57:39
2915-08-1999City 2 Surf (14 km)1:00:27
3012-09-1999Sydney University Terry Fox Run (10 km)46:49
3108-08-2004City 2 Surf (14 km)2:22:28
3207-05-2006Puffing Billy Great Train Race (13.2 km)1:01:24
3301-07-2008HSBC Run For Canada (10 km)44:58
3431-08-2008Nike The Human Race (10 km)42:22
3526-10-2008James Cunningham Sewall Race (9.5 km)1:03:07
3602-05-2009NSW Road Championship (10 km)40:43
3725-10-2009SAN Run For Life (10 km)45:09
3808-11-2009Rebel Run For Fun (10 km)43:05
3921-02-2010Sydney Marathon Clinic 25km (25 km)2:00:28
4021-03-2010Sydney Marathon Clinic 30km (30 km)2:23:50
4122-05-2011Sydney Marathon Clinic 25km (25 km)1:48:07
4223-10-2011Maroubra Fun Run (4 km)29:18
4317-06-2012Sydney Marathon Clinic 30km (30 km)2:20:01
4428-04-2013Running Wild Narrowneck (20 km)1:55:33
4512-05-2013Sydney Trail Running Series (9.5 km)1:00:35
4614-07-2013Sydney Harbour 10km (10 km)43:11
4718-08-2013Sydney Trail Running Series (10 km)1:04:48
4810-11-2013Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series Race 8 (15 km)1:06:12
4901-12-2013Balmain Fun Run (5 km)46:46
5015-12-2013Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series Race 9 (14 km)1:06:31
5112-01-2014Sydney Trail Running Series (10 km)56:35
5211-05-2014Mothers Day Classic (8 km)37:33
5313-07-2014Sydney Harbour 10km (10 km)44:14
5410-08-2014City 2 Surf (14 km)1:04:34
5518-01-2015Sydney Trail Running Series (20 km)2:04:38
5631-01-2015Sun Run (10 km)45:42
5722-03-2015Brooks Fun Run Pink (5 km)21:44
5818-04-2015Jabulani Challenge (22 km)2:23:01
5910-05-2015Mothers Day Classic (8 km)34:07
6024-05-2015Manly Scenic Fun Run (10 km)43:47
6121-06-2015Cooks River Fun Run (5 km)21:25
6221-06-2015Cooks River Fun Run (10 km)45:16
6309-08-2015City 2 Surf (14 km)1:02:44
6411-10-2015Hounslow Classic Skyrun (23 km)3:39:00
6501-11-2015Summer Starter Fun Run (10 km)48:10
6601-11-2015Summer Starter Fun Run (5 km)25:23
6722-11-2015Balmain Fun Run (10 km)44:52
6806-02-2016Sun Run (10 km)46:37
6921-02-2016Sydney Marathon Clinic 30km (30 km)2:27:28
7023-04-2016ANZAC Day Challenge (25 km)2:50:27
7108-05-2016Mothers Day Classic (8 km)34:10
7214-05-2016Pace Ultra-Trail Australia 22 (22 km)2:35:43
7326-06-2016Cooks River Fun Run (5 km)20:22
7426-06-2016Cooks River Fun Run (10 km)44:35
7513-08-2016City 2 Surf (14 km)58:20
7604-09-2016Fathers Day Warrior Run (10 km)42:50
7730-10-2016Ramsay Healthcare Fun Run Pink (1 km)11:52
7819-02-2017Sydney Marathon Clinic 30km (30 km)2:12:17

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results; and
5. There is a minimum of 3 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;